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Course Overview

GCSE English Language not only gives you the reading and writing skills you’ll need for life, it is your golden ticket to apply for other courses, apprenticeships and jobs – where GCSE English is now a standard requirement.
Our GCSE English course will cover English Language and English Literature based on the new GCSE (9-1) assessment structure.
As you know, the new GCSE (9-1) English Language course is based entirely on unseen texts (Non-fiction texts & Literary texts) etc.
Students will study prose, poetry and drama texts, including Shakespeare play in our GCSE English course. In GCSE (9-1) English Literature, the specific texts which the different exam boards provide may vary, but learners will always need to study a modern prose or drama text, a 19th century novel, poetry and a Shakespeare play.
You will gain a deeper understanding of a range of careers where a grounding in English generally is beneficial.

GLECTA's vision is to support every student in their Learning journey and become an essential companion for anyone serious about achieving exam success with outstanding results.

All of our courses offer :-

  • Power packed NOTES along with Intensive Learning.
  • Focus on past year papers.
  • Learn from EXPERTS in Small batches.
  • Sharpen skills by PROVEN METHODOLOGIES

Course Modules / Units

All of our GCSE English courses follows the New 9-1 grade system.

English curriculum has been divided majorly on below mentioned topics. During teaching & discussing these topics, you will get the Homework throughout (to help you making independent). Also, there is reinforcement of Topics & Doubt revision sessions for deep rooted learning.

  • Modern prose or drama:
  • 19th century prose
  • Poetry
  • Shakespeare Plays
  • Practices of Numerous Unseen Texts
  • Creative writing
  • and Many more Curriculum Topics
  • Key Ideas
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mock Exams

As we have multiple GCSE English course offerings, the duration of each course is different (from 7 weeks to 1 year). If you want to find out in more details, please provide your details here or contact us at below

Course Fees

We have multiple GCSE English course offerings, and their durations are varied (from 7 weeks to 1 year), therefore the fees structure is also different for each course depending on number of sessions.

There are multiple discounts available for each GCSE English course.

You can buy the whole course at once (discounted price) or pay in weekly / monthly via recurring direct debits, paypal etc.

Please get in touch for more details.

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GCSE Boards

We cover AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas and CCEA boards.

Study Method

There will be a range of work in each class, including in-dept detailed topic/module lectures along with sample questions and mock test papers, doubt sessions, power-packed notes, homework & weekly progress test papers including using online resources.

Course Assessments

Weekly Topic Based Test & Analysis for each main lecture

Monthly exams for Unit / Module assessment for all covered topics

GCSE based mock exams to give flavour of final GCSE Test

Practice Papers for self-practice by students

  • Weekly / Monthly exams : 1 hour long
  • Full Mock exams : 1 hour 45 mins long
  • Short form questions
  • Long form questions
  • Extended questions
  • Extended writing questions
  • Analysing Previous Year Papers

We also provide specially designed practice papers to make sure the students learn and understand the English concepts deeply which will help him to get outstanding results in his GCSE exams.

Additional Costs

All materials are provided to you during the course are absolutely free and there are no extra hidden charges after your enrolment in the course other than your normal course fees.

Discounts & Pricing

We do offer a lot of discounts for all of our Regular tuition classes and Different Courses to make it more affordable for you.

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